Lolo Blend

Lolo Blend

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The infamous Lolo Blend. 

Lolo means "Grandpa" in Tagalog.

Around the time when I first started this business, I was living with my grandfather after my grandmother had passed and didn't want him living by himself. As with any perfect grandchild, you'd try and introduce them to the brightside of coffee. That didn't turn out so well. All he could say is that it's sour, and that he didn't like it. Any coffee I'd roast, he'd cup all of them and say they're sour. I was highly against blends unless it was for espresso, and the now other exception; my lolo.

In the beginning, I used Ethiopia Guji Natural and Mexico Chiapas to get a very sweet berry, toffee, chocolate flavor. I had him cup with me once and he said he liked it. And thus, I called it the "Lolo Blend" 

As seasons come, I'll be rotating through different coffees to pursue this unique flavor that is mild in acidity but very sweet and palatable for all.