Why Das Güd? 


1. Coming from a filipino background, whenever something is good and we try to say it in english, 

it sounds like

das gud.

2. And I realized that if anyone read it as-is, it sounds very casual and laidback. 

For example: 

Tyler: Yo, what coffee is that? 
Earl: It's an Panama Gesha 
Tyler: Damn... Das guud. Can I get some more? 




(Coffee and I)
Here's a story where we started out friends

I started off as a part-time barista at the local It's a Grind while being a part-time student. I didn't really know what to do with college except to graduate and get some nice piece of paper that would somehow prove that I'm worthy to be hired and entitled to be paid more. Realizing that, all the while my hard-earned $8 an hour job was going to paying for classes, the books, the gas, and all my time was going into this thing that I had no clue what I was doing it for. The time after class, would go to studying for a subject for school, and all the gas was for school. I dropped out the 3rd semester and wanted to see what It would look like to be a full-time barista. I pursued the knowledge and experimented like no other. All my money no longer went to school and its money-absorbing aura, but to this addicting dark beverage that fueled me to pursue it with a strange fiend-like passion. So much to the point that It took me to Melbourne, Australia to learn more about coffee culture in a different country. I heard that that place is the mecca of coffee and I heard you can live a comfortable life being a barista, so I said, heck, why not? I stopped going to school for this. Might as well go all the way. Plus, this is like school. I'm still learning. Just differently. 

Off I went, into a country that I only heard of kangaroos, koalas, and crocidile dundee, and Wild Thornberry. Didn't know a single person there. Had no job lined up, about a thousand dollars to my name, and one month to find a job or that money is going to pay for my flight back home. 

A year later, I come back home realizing that you can't live a comfortable life being a barista here in the states. Became really depressed and thought about giving up the journey of pursuing coffee and making it a career. Prayed for months on end feeling completely helpless. Constantly asking for direction. 2-3 months later, A customer comes in and tells me he can give me a free espresso machine. 3 months later, I get a free espresso machine. 

That moment changed my life; only being human, I failed to fully accept that blessing and run with it. I had a friend tell me that It seems that God is trying to show off to me and that He could bless me much more if I took hold of the blessing and do something with it. 
That sparked it. All the things that I've learned up to that point of 5 years in coffee, I put everything together. From how to set up a catering table, to making a jug rinser work without building it a table. It all just took... is doing it and not looking at how much something costs if you are planning to be in the industry for awhile. 
Later on, a friend bought me a truck to put that espresso machine in. Things fell through, and while waiting, I was offered a position to learn how to roast. 
Roasting was always something I wanted to do, but I never thought I'd be able to until I actually owned a shop. But somehow God blessed me again even when I thought things were just going downhill. 
And after 8 years of up and down in the coffee industry thinking that I would never make a career out of it, Here I am. Sourcing the green coffee, roasting it to my desired profile, creating my own espresso parameters, brewing it the way I like it. Just to be a part of someone's day, or be part of someone's daily routine. Or weekend brew, or any of that. 

What I most loved about being a barista was the service. I loved talking to people and I loved making them coffee and just asking if they like it or not. Or just making it the way they like it. I guess you can say I'm most happy when people are enjoying their drinks or when I get to hear about their day. 

-Earl Delorito
Founder & CEO of Das Gud Coffee