Mentor 4 Change x Das Güd Coffee

Mentor 4 Change x Das Güd Coffee

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Mentor for Change x Das Güd Coffee



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We've partnered up with Mentor for Change (MFC) to be part of something we believe in: fostering the next generation into success. Whether it's in the coffee industry or the industry the individual chooses. Obviously we want them to be professional latte artists and run their own shop (wink wink). In all seriousness, if we can help first generation low income (FGLI) youth who didn't have a chance to learn the vast ways of becoming successful in these times, we want in. 


MFC is a non-profit organization that provides comprehensive career mentoring FGLI high school students in Northeast LA seeking academic and career success. These students apply for this program and get paired with a mentor who works in the field they desire, such as business, designer, lawyer, etc. Upon graduation, most become the first in their families to attend college! These mentors even work with their mentees to guide them with college applications, through graduation, and beyond. MFC addresses the lack of equity of access to higher education attainment and career development attainment by providing a pipeline to meaningful employment and development as community leaders, so that these FGLI youth become changemakers for themselves, their families, and their communities. 


40% of sales will go to Mentor for Change every month. 

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