Sitio Belis // Atok, Benguet Philippines
Sitio Belis // Atok, Benguet Philippines

Sitio Belis // Atok, Benguet Philippines

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Proudly Grown in Sitio Belis in Atok, Benguet - Philippines
Elevation: 1400-1700 masl 
Variety: Garnica
Process: Washed 
Notes of Mango, Kiwi, & Green Tea

As a first generation Filipino-American, I am so so proud & excited to represent my ethnical culture in coffee. I really never expected to be able to have Philippine Coffee as a specialty coffee. Thanks to Carmel of Kalsada Coffee, we are able. 

Growing up, My lola(we called her 'nanay' which means mom) always told me to never forget that I am Filipino and Filipino before I am an American. She said to never forget our culture and the language. 

Wag kalimutan kung saan galing yung dugo mo
which translates to, "Don't forget where your blood is from." 

Designed over at Strangeosity, we wanted to bring out the beautiful scenery & accentuate the treasure the Philippines truly is. Jeepneys, Beautiful Sunsets, Rolling Hills, Unending foliage, And the crystal clear ocean. While there is so much more to describe Philippines and harder to contain in one label, we believe we nailed it with this.

From the farmers, producers & everybody at Sitio Belis, importers & team at Kalsada Coffee. And of course, all the hands in between - maraming salamat. You mean a lot to us.

All bags will be 10oz(283grams), and will have dates on when we drop them to make sure everyone gets the freshest, most delicious, and best cup of Philippines coffee.